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Eating out with kids in OKC

by Callie Collins

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Eating out brings together some of the best elements of family life in Oklahoma City: variety, a change in routine and a chance to enjoy time together without the distraction of whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher. More than that, it's a great chance to break bread together and make memories around the table. 

I believe in family dinners. Cooking together teaches a life skill, independence and creativity; we've had some terrific times in the kitchen with Sam, 8, and Isaac, 3. A well-timed meal out, though, can be a huge relief, a great end to a day out or the day out itself. Sometimes, our family feels more at home outside the house with a good meal and something different.

We recently asked our readers for their recommendations on where to dine out with kids in OKC. Their answers are here but we're not done. If you know of a great restaurant for eating out with your family, let us know. Write to with your suggestion and it could be featured. 

As for our suggestions, I asked my sons and here's what they like best in our area:
Café 7: There's something for everyone here and most menu items are around the $7-price point. 
McAlister's Deli: The 99-cent dine-in kids' meals with healthy choices makes for an inexpensive option.
Fish City Grill: You can't find friendlier service; the staff welcomes my sons each and every time. 
Cool Greens: The kids' meals are like sampler plates of fruits, vegetables and protein. 

Four tips for eating out with kids: 

1.) Go at off-peak hours: Late lunch, early dinner – you'll find less of a crowd at 11 a.m. or 4 p.m. Service is faster and you'll spend less time waiting for a table too.
2.) Look beyond the kids' menu: We often choose appetizers or split an adult plate between my children if the selections don't sound that appetizing. 
3.) Use the restroom first thing: Get it out of the way while you're waiting for food to keep meal interruptions to a minimum. 
4.) Order water: Kids' meals often come with a beverage. Included or not, I choose water because of the sticky factor. Soda or juice is just empty calories anyway.

Click here for MetroFamily's alphabetical list of restaurants offering family discounts.

Whether you're in Oklahoma City or venturing outside for the day, we wish you the best of times together. Have fun and eat well! 

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