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Do Your Kids Participate in After-School Activities?

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Many parents and educators agree that quality after-school activities can provide important benefits for students. Because they offer options that are not always available as part of the traditional school experience, extracurricular activities have been found to increase academic performance, decrease risky behaviors, support social development and increase skills, growth and learning.

Our August Question of the Month asked you to share what types of after-school activities your children participate in during the school year. Sports were the most highly indicated category, with over 35% of respondents indicating that their children participate in an individual or group sport. Nearly 25% of our readers indicated that they don’t limit their kids to just one type of after-school activity, while just over 22% said their children do not participate in extracurricular activities.

Here are some of the reasons that our readers shared for their opinions:

  • Tiffanie C. of Mustang says she does not limit her son to just one type of activity. ”I try to involve my child in as many activities as possible so he can figure out what he truly enjoys.”
  • Heather L. of Moore reports that her kids are sports fanatics. “My boys have played soccer since they were 6. They play for their high school and recreational teams! Plus, they took a course for refereeing soccer and they ref games in between playing. Keeps them very busy—and me since I have to drive them!”
  • Dance has been a positive influence for in Christi M. of Oklahoma City’s child. "My daughter is obsessed with ballet, so I enrolled her in dance classes last year. It is amazing how she went from shy and cautious to outgoing and confident with just one after-school activity.”
  • Dian W. of Oklahoma City thinks exploring your options is important. "Experiential activities are helpful in learning, coping, relaxation and developing thinking. And they are fun!”
  • Extracurricular activities are still on the horizon for Katie S. of Yukon. "No after school activities yet…we’re just getting started! My girls are only four and two!”
  • For Natalie Anderson of Edmond’s family, variety is key. "My daughter loves ballet, my oldest loves academic activities and the middle son loves the theatre, dance and art.

Other comments from our readers:

  • Carmen S., Edmond — Art is good downtime for them after school.
  • Keli M., Choctaw — Daughter is on a swim team and plays track. She also likes Softball, singing, and will be in band this school year. My son likes art and listening to music.
  • Rosalyn R., Edmond — They all love to dance, ride horseback, and ice skate
  • Debbie C., okc — I am an active grandparent that takes the grandchildren to their activities.
  • Tamara F., Newalla — I have 3 boys. 1 plays football and the other 2 play soccer.
  • Hayley C., choctaw — I have a 1 1/2 year old and she just loves to go outside, explore, play games. So for her age she even enjoys several activities which makes me so proud of her!
  • Jennifer M., Oklahoma City — My 4 year old daughter will be starting soccer this fall. She CANNOT wait!
  • Christina T., Edmond — My daughter is involved with soccer at school and gymnastics outside of school. We let her choose what she wants to be involved with!
  • Brigette M., Oklahoma City — My daughter prticipates in T-Ball and any other fun activities I can find through the year. My son is a history buff and participates in debate club in his highschool.
  • Justin B., Moore — My daughter will be in the 5th grade in Moore. She absolutely loves art. I would love to hear about after school art programs in Moore. Are there any?
  • Tanya P., Mustang — My kids are active in soccer, football, volleyball, crosscountry, indoor soccer, track. They also are very active in our local church with youth activties and awanas. We keep very busy but so worth it in so many ways. Always homework and reading somewhere in the mix of course.
  • Anslea S. , Edmond — My kids participate in Kumon!
  • Joy H., Edmond — My oldest is a great trumpet player and my 2nd grader just started playing the piano. I can’t wait till my youngest chooses his passion. Will it also be music or send us on another adventure?
  • Sharon P., Oklahoma City — My son is a wrestler and our exchange student is in band.
  • Lyndsey S., Yukon — My son is almost 4 and has already played 2 seasons of soccer. We are looking to sign him up for t-ball in the fall. He loves to play!
  • Karla N., Newcastle — My son is an Eagle Scout, has been active in student government, is on the academic team, takes piano lessons, and is a professional chess player.
  • Jennifer C., Edmond — My son is involved in Boy Scouts.
  • Jody B., Wellston — My son loves to play any sport after shool. He also enjoys drawing his own cartoons once he’s finished with homework. His homework pages he brings home from school always have small cartoons drawn around the edges.
  • Madonna C., Edmond — My son participates in Scouts, piano and Soccer. I don’t like how busy we are but can’t figure what to cut out.
  • Regina B., Oklahoma City — My son participates in sports to stay physically active and learn discipline/structure, and he also does dance/acting because those are things that he is good at and does naturally and enjoys.
  • Celina L., Norman — My son plays soccer in the spring and hopefully basketball this fall/winter
  • Leslie Q., Norman — One of my daughters plays tennis. While there isn’t a regular competitive league for her age group, she does participate in the clinics and camps that are held regularly at Norman’s Westwood Tennis center.
  • Todd M., Moore — "Our daughter plays soccer, fiddles on the piano, does flash cards at the dinner table some nights and loves to read and be read to. While we believe that she should be active in many interests, we don’t believe in overwhelming her. Let then be kids and eat cake, after their veg that is."
  • Deanna A. , El Reno — Our kids our very busy with dance. 4H, helping on the farm, and raising bottle calfs!
  • Jeannie T. , Edmond — Our whole family do Taekwondo. They also join tennis club as well as chess club
  • Breea B. , Norman — Sports, but also some kind of activity that inspires creativity: art, reading, playgroups, etc.
  • Amanda D. , Edmond — swimming
  • Kacy O. , Noble — The kids are into so many things. I have two that are very music inclined and one that loves academics and one that loves art.
  • David W. , Oklahoma City — They are involved in sports, dance, music, art, church, drama, and work part time. I have 3 kids: 15, 10, 3 all are involved in something after school.
  • Karen M. , Warr Acres — They are very active, they participate in sports, music, community volunteering.
  • Brittany A. , Oklahoma City — they currently dont participate in any. but i would like to expose them to all sorts of things
  • Melinda M. , norman — We are all about Girl Scouts!
  • Wendy W. , Choctaw — We are usually doing homework right after school
  • Elizabeth D. , Oklahoma City — We do tap, ballet, jazz, singing, piano
  • LaDonna W. , Moore — We have four kids and they all enjoy different things. One is in the high school’s drumline, One is her middle school’s mascot. Another enjoys baseball. And our youngest is a cheerleader. 

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