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Dance Drawings


Reading Time: 2 minutes 

Let your hand “dance” across the page to create an abstract mixed-media composition!

Vocabulary and concepts:

  • Expression
  • Inspiration
  • Spontaneity
  • Line Abstract
  • Movement Rhythm


  • White paper (drawing paper, computer paper, sketch paper or card stock)
  • Black crayonWatercolors and paint brushes
  • Music

Adults: Select music in advance. Look for a variety of styles and rhythms such as jazz, oldies, salsa, classical and mariachi. Your local library is a great place to browse CDs, or look up any genre online.

Discuss together: What are some of the ways we move when we dance? For example, we twirl, jump, shake, spin, clap, wiggle, curve, sway or act wild and crazy.

Let’s begin: Sit down with your sheet of white paper and your black crayon. Close your eyes. Start the music and simply listen to the beats and rhythm for a few seconds. With your eyes closed, move your crayon over your page to create dancing lines in response to the music. Open your eyes and check out the groovy lines your have drawn! Set up your watercolor tray and grab your paintbrush. Keep listening to music as you add color to your abstract composition. The wax crayon will resist the watercolor paint, creating a layered effect. What colors represent the mood of the music? Repeat the process. Start a new song with a different rhythm, style or beat. How do your dance drawings change with each new song?

Adapt the projects in whatever way works best for your family, then share your family’s art on social media with our hashtag #okcfamilyart. We’ll share as many as we can via our social channels. We can’t wait to see the art you create together!

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