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Coping with Daylight Saving Time

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Springing forward and falling back is tough on everyone, especially kids. We will lose an hour of sleep this Sunday but we’re trying to make it a little easier on you by sharing some handy tips and tricks from across the web. While we can’t give you more time to snooze, making some simple adjustments to your schedule and habits can make you feel a little less groggy next week.

Start Adjusting Before Sunday: This article is packed with important information on helping your kids adjust to the time change. First off, start making small changes now and you might be able to do away with the lingering sleepy feelings that seem to last long after the clocks get changed.

Know the Side Effects: Practice patience with your little ones during the time transition. People of all ages generally struggle with sleepiness during the adjustment and behaviors and certainly be affected. Some studies show the change can make toddlers grumpy for up to three weeks!

Expect a Change in Activity: Researchers report kids are more active when daylight saving time is in effect.

Don’t Forget Baby: As if infants don’t have enough sleep troubles as it is, changing their schedule by an hour can rock your whole house. These helpful tips should get you through the process.

Take Care of Yourself: Parents will feel the change, too. Your caffeine intake and workout schedule are just a couple things you’ll want to be aware of this weekend.

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