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Bring art to life for your kids this year

by Callie Collins

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"I didn't know kids could be in real theater shows." Sam, my second-grader, has seen a fair amount of plays and musicals in his seven years. However, if memory serves, none of them have featured children as performers. Oklahoma City family fun includes so many neat opportunities, it hadn't occurred to me that seeing kids on stage would be a new experience. Sam and I attended Dr. Seuss's "'How the Grinch Stole Christmas!' The Musical" last night at Civic Center Music Hall and what he most appreciated was the presence of other kids – not just peers in the audience, but also on stage. 

That realization is important. In fact, I read just recently in an advance copy of a MetroFamily article about introducing kids to the arts that's coming out next week and one of the suggestions to spark kids' interest in theater is to take them to shows with young actors. I don't expect Sam to suddenly take up musical theater but seeing the familiar story come to life gives broader context to school plays and music classes. The experience has value. Shows like this one make the arts accessible with singing, dancing, acting and design presented in an entertaining way.

The musical is planned with families in mind. It's just 90 minutes and doesn't have an intermission, ideal for even younger elementary-schoolers. Bright colors, swift set changes and Dr. Seuss's prose keep the audience engaged. It's in town with performances through Nov. 2, presented by Celebrity Attractions. If you haven't yet read our behind-the-scenes interview with the Grinch himself, actor Stefan Karl, find it here.  

Overarching themes about the joy of giving and the importance of finding a place in the community are also central to the story, so it's a good time to start off the holiday season and have those conversations too.

Sam and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening at the theater. Missing from the night's outing was his younger brother, Isaac, and sometimes, that's just fine. We enjoy visiting a lot of local events together as a family but an activity "just for you and me" also has a time and place. 

Don't miss "'How the Grinch Stole Christmas!' The Musical." MetroFamily will have a table in the lobby at the 11 a.m. matinee this Saturday. Come early to do a hands-on project and enter to win a family pack of tickets to The Polar Express's first visit to Oklahoma later this holiday season.

Look for more ways to introduce your kids to the arts with our upcoming series, starting in the November issue. You can also find out in advance about events like this one on MetroFamily's calendar and through Weekend Picks, our Thursday newsletter featuring 10 of the best local weekend activities plus five for the next week.

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