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Back on Track

by Kristina Pressley

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With the decision made to run a marathon this year, I’ve been doing some research about which one to do. I thought originally that I’d just run the OKC Memorial Marathon in May this year. But, as things progressed right after Christmas, and into the first week of the new year, I realized that I might not have time to train for that one. So, I’ve decided to run the half marathon for that one and then find a full marathon later in the year to train for.

Now the search for my marathon has begun. My sister is trying to talk me into running this one with her in August. It’s a marathon just for ladies! I kinda like that idea. And, the course looks beautiful. The only problem with that one is that it’s in August. The weather in South Dakota can be mild then, but I’ll be doing my training here – where temperatures are anything but mild through the better part of my training.

Anyway… I’m taking suggestions. So, if you know of any awesome marathons nearby, let me know!

I have begun my training. With clearance from my doctor, I’ve started running again. I got on my treadmill the other day for the first time in….. too long. I did three long, hard miles. I started feeling that “I haven’t run in a long, long time” feeling in my chest – that feeling I used to get before I became a runner.

I feel like I have fallen so far from where I once was in terms of my fitness. It was for a good reason. I know this. I’m very happy that the reason for this fall is that I have a beautiful baby girl. But, I just know that there’s a long road ahead of me to get back to where I want to be.

So, I’ve worked out three days this week already and am planning to get on the treadmill at home today. I ran two days and did an upper body workout followed by a little cardio the other day. Not bad for a first week back at it. I just hope I can keep up this momentum.

We all know how sick kids and spouses’schedules and all of the other randomness that life throws at us can get us off track. So, my goal for the next two weeks: keep my focus, and strengthen my 3-mile run.

You gotta start somewhere, right? Share your tips below for staying on your fitness plan.

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