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Avoid a Winter 'Brrr'eakdown

by AAA Oklahoma

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As 800,500 Oklahomans take to the roads for the year-end holidays, AAA anticipates it will assist more than 8,600 stranded motorists across the state from December 19 —January 2. The auto club will be busy with lockouts, battery replacements, jump starts, changing tires, towing vehicles for repair and more.

“When the weather turns frightful, the least delightful activity is being stranded on the side of the road,” said Chuck Mai, spokesman for AAA Oklahoma. “Please take the time to make certain your vehicle is properly maintained and prepared for holiday driving to ensure it gets you and your loved ones to your destination safely and without incident.”

Drivers can avoid most breakdowns by keeping their vehicles properly maintained. AAA advises motorists to follow their vehicle manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and make sure their vehicle is ready for the rigors of year-end holiday driving. 

Here are a few things to add to your list before heading out for your holiday drive:

  • Antifreeze. Check antifreeze annually to ensure it will withstand the winter cold. A 50/50 mixture of coolant and water will protect against freezing.
  • Windshield wipers and washer fluid. Replace wiper blades if they do not clear the glass in a single swipe without streaking. Fill the windshield washer reservoir with winter detergent fluid to prevent freeze up.
  • Tires. A tire loses about a pound of pressure for every 10-degree drop in temperature, so check the pressure frequently and maintain the recommended levels found on the driver’s door jamb. Motorists should never reduce tire pressure in an attempt to increase traction on snow and ice. This does not work, and when the roads dry out it can cause excessive tire wear and vehicle handling problems.
  • Battery. Oklahoma’s summer heat puts auto batteries to the test, while our state’s winter temperatures can quickly sap the energy that’s left. Batteries don’t always give warning signs before they fail, so test its strength and ensure connections are tight and free of corrosion to avoid an unexpected failure.
  • Belts and hoses. Replace drive belts that are cracked, glazed or frayed, as well as coolant hoses that are visibly worn, brittle, bulging or excessively soft. Check for leaks around hose clamps and at the radiator and water pump.

While preventive measures help keep motorists driving safely on the road, unexpected weather or vehicle problems may still arise and leave them stranded. AAA encourages motorists to update their emergency roadside kit for winter to include a mobile phone and car charger, blankets, a flashlight with extra batteries, a first-aid kit, drinking water, a small shovel, a sack of sand, cat litter or traction mats, windshield scraper and brush, battery booster cables, paper towels and emergency flares or reflectors.

Motorists seeking a trustworthy repair shop to help prepare their vehicle for winter driving are encouraged to visit one of AAA’s Approved Auto Repair facilities.

A not-for-profit organization, AAA Oklahoma serves its 364,700 members across Oklahoma with emergency help on the road, auto travel assistance and a wide range of personal insurance, travel, financial and automotive services through branch offices, a regional operations center and the Internet at AAA.com.


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