Dear MFM advertisers and partners,
As a part of our big push for April’s edition we are offering you the choice of two free perks. They are explained below and to take advantage of one of these, you are asked to complete the form below by March 30 end of day.
  • Participate in the “Easter Egg Treasure Hunt Challenge.” The point is to excite readers (parents and their kids) to find the special 1/4 page ads that we’ll place throughout the pages of the digital magazine. When people find the “Easter egg” ads (see sample), they’ll click through to a page on our site that will give them a challenge from you, our partner. For instance, the challenge could be to draw a picture that depicts Easter or spring then the parents would take a photo of the artwork only or the artist with his/her drawing and upload it to our contesting system. We will then show those off and for some challenges, have a vote for the best one (others will be a random drawing for the winner). To participate, we just need to figure out what project would work best for your brand. The only cost to you would be a prize to use as an incentive for participation by the kids/families. We think this will work well during this time when everyone is online and looking for fun and educational activities to excite their kids while they are out of school.
  • Have a web or e-news ad for your business/non-profit that will be placed on our website and/or our e-newsletters sometime during the month of April. If your April ad is “editable” we can use your print ad to create your digital ad. Those who have committed a 1/5 and 1/9 size print ad will get a 300×250 digital ad, and 1/4 page print ads get a 800×400 digital ad. If you’d like to submit your own ad, feel free to do that (deadline of March 30).
One more thing before you complete the form below: If you are a Kids Fest vendor and haven’t completed this form to claim your FREE virtual listing, please do so now: