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America’s Incredible Pizza: happy kids and three more reasons to go

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun lets families have a good time together.

Every now and then as a parent, you get to make an announcement you know will spark joy. This past weekend, I was the bearer of happy news: “We’re going to America’s Incredible Pizza!”

Kids seem to know that venues with arcades, miniature golf, laser tag, go-karts and similar indoor activities are especially for them. I don’t know if it’s the fun they have with those activities or familiar themes like “Cars” and “Transformers” and “Space Invaders” but even my toddler recognizes that those places are for a day that’s out-of-the-ordinary.

What I didn’t expect was that my husband would also have a good time; it was good to see him interact with the kids over something that wasn’t a chore, which is pretty typical of home life. I want them to remember more with him than, say, cleaning the garage or doing yardwork. More power to them with those necessary tasks but it’s also good for them to develop some common ground in a less onerous way.

It’s rare we go places with our entire family. The six of us actually have only visited a handful of venues together because of the age range of our children, which spans from the oldest at 11 all the way down to 10 months; that makes logistics and appeal challenging at times. I usually only take the child who’s most suited to the activity because of age or interest if I can. We decided everyone could find fun for all on this outing and that ended up being the case.

Here are three more reasons to visit America’s Incredible Pizza:

  • There’s variety and it’s all indoors: This winter has felt unusually long and gray and we’re not even through January yet. If you’ve visited your usual indoor activity places but haven’t gone over to the N.W. Expressway location of America’s Incredible Pizza in some time, your kids will be really excited to step in and see all that awaits them. I liked not having to skip anything outside because the day was cold; that sometimes happens, which results in one of us trying to wrestle a toddler into some mittens while we try what he’s wanting to do outdoors in the wind for the least amount of time possible. This isn’t a place where you’re just trying to make it through as a parent. You can find something fun with your child and both have a good time, inside.
  • The venue has improved: The last time I went to this same location, it was a similar-style business. America’s Incredible Pizza has different activities, including a small but fun roller coaster. The building was cleaner and I saw workers actively engaged to keep it that way. The pizza was fresh, with an option to request them made-to-order.
  • Smaller children also have an area to play: There are bounce houses but also an area especially for little kids, where adults remove shoes and babies can experience a space that’s just for them. I had no doubt my 6 and 11 year-olds were going to have a good time but a designated area for my baby and toddler was different and unexpected.

Our family’s overall favorite activity was bowling, with digital screens to keep track of turns and points. The fact that tickets are all electronic now also helps solve potential squabbles over who gets what and what gets lost.

Plan for a full afternoon of family activities. We stayed until closing time but there were still areas my children would have played in for a couple more hours. I had the option to take my first grader as a passenger on the go-karts but we just didn’t get over there; two more inches of height will allow him to drive on his own, which was what my sixth grader had the most fun doing. What I like about that as a parent is a certain level of autonomy that progresses.

We didn’t try the bumper cars but plan to come back and see those. Kids really need an activity to look forward to and mine are already asking when we can go back. Spring Break is my answer.

If you’re looking for a day of fun with your kids that will change up your weekend, get everyone in the car and go give America’s Incredible Pizza a try.


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