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All About Teen Parent Advisory Council

by Rebecca Lucas

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An Interview with Ms. LaQuita Lewis, Executive Director
Ms. Lewis is a 2007 Criminal Justice Administration Masters Graduate from Oklahoma City University. She is a proud mother of two boys and has worked with teens in many different aspects in the community such as OKC public schools, Department of Human Services, and Juvenile Detention. She has also completed an Internship with the Office of Juvenile Affairs and the Public Defender’s office. Ms. Lewis has spent the last 4 years gaining more knowledge in the Counseling field as a Rehabilitation Specialist/Life Skills Counselor and LADC candidate. Ms. Lewis has gained much of her knowledge in an effort to help out teens in the community by understanding their needs and many of the issues they face in life on a daily basis. Ms. Lewis does this by teaching them about building their self- esteem and being an example of someone who has been through many obstacles but has fought her way through and has become successful in accomplishing her dreams and goals.

Name of Organization:  
Teen Parent Advisory Council
3140 W. Brittion Rd Suite 204
OKC, OK 73120
Phone: 405-608-4427

Mission:  The mission of Teen Parent Advisory Council (TPAC) is to provide and increase awareness of teen pregnancy/teen self-esteem through education, research, community involvement, and leadership training to assist high school students with becoming self-sufficient teen parents and role models throughout the communities they serve.

Impact to families and children:  This organization helps teens and teen parents stay on track and stay focused to do what is right and make the right choices even through the toughest times. The Adolescent age is a time where peer pressure is greatest, so it is important that we teach them how to be successful, independent individuals, by encouraging them and supporting them every step of the way.

How can families and children help:  Because this is a non-profit organization, families can help by donations. This will help expand the materials/curriculum we use to educate our teens.

Biggest Accomplishment: I think one of the major accomplishments of TPAC is keeping our teens driven to stay in school. All of the girls that are part of TPAC are still continuing their education and graduating.

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