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All About Community Literacy Centers

by Rebecca Lucas

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Becky O’Dell offers 24 years of organizational management and will complete her 15th year with CLC in July of 2011. Her organizational background includes chamber of commerce, economic development, and community relations for a Union Pacific company. Becky has served on many organizational boards at local, regional and state levels. At CLC, she is responsible for a staff of 3 full-time employees and 11 part-time employees. Her other duties include administrative and financial management for the organization, public relations, and oversight of all programs. 

Name of Organization:

Community Literacy Centers

3703 S. Blackwelder Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73119-3813



To address the problem of adult illiteracy by teaching adults how to read. Our impact on families and children: When a parent learns to read, it gives them an appreciation of education. They are finally able to read to their children, help their children with their homework and they become more employable. In many cases, it breaks the cycle of illiteracy in families.

What drives me to make this organization a success:

When I see a past student in a store or if they come back to visit. They always come up to me to say thank you for all you did. That always reminds me that we are making a difference in people’s lives. That is what keeps me going.

Success for this non-profit:

We taught more than 29,000 adults how to read. We are the largest non-profit, private literacy organization in Oklahoma and one of the larger ones in the U.S. Our slogan is, at the end of the day, we can say, "We’ve changed lives through literacy". If we can say that each day, we’ve had a successful day.

How can families and children help this non-profit:

Families can help by volunteering, referring people they know that might need help, or by making a contribution. Children can help by encouraging their parents to get help and by making sure they are helping other children who may have difficulty reading.

What led me to work for this organization:

I had been working for chambers of commerce, an economic development organizations and a corporation. I decided I wanted to do something where I felt I was really making a difference for people.

My best day so far:

My best days are when past students come by to say thank you and to tell me what they are doing now.

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