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All about birthdays: fun and where to find it

by Callie Collins

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Oklahoma City family fun includes birthdays, complete with cakes and pictures and school friends. 

Woe is the child with the December birthday or so I've heard. January isn't much better and there are two in our household. 

Gabriel turned 2 this past Sunday and Isaac will be 5 at the end of the month. The days are long but the years are short, I can agree. That's the nice phrase women, older ladies with more time than I have, stitch neatly on pillows. 

The reality of these early years is that they are sleepless, messy and trying. All joy and no fun is the phrase that's been touted on the internet by so many young parents who have the sudden generational ability to commiserate from our own homes while holding said toddler, late, late at night. 

I know it's easy to say when I'm not holding a fussy newborn or currently mopping up anything but this hasn't been that bad. Yes, there's a lot of wiping and folding and there are so many random issues to worry about but here we are. 

Every now and then, the wonder shines through.

Going back to birthdays, I think that's the point of birthday parties for small kids. They're a celebration of the year lived, not just survived by the child, but also the family. We've made it through this year, no one's worse for wear really and the frosting smears did come out of the upholstery. 

If you're looking for a great place to plan a party, click here for MetroFamily's Party Guide. I'm sure spring birthdays are easier to plan than winter ones but if you need an indoor venue, check out the list.  It's divided by interest so finding something your child loves is easier. Places like Yoga Bliss and Gymboree make for fun places to play even when the weather isn't so hot outside. There are some party-comes-to-you options too, like Mad Science and Forever After Parties.

I'll find out about the spring options soon, since my oldest will be 10 in April and we're planning a double-digits party. 

That's right, 10, the big one-o, as in Sam really is a big kid, practically a tween. Before you know it, they've traded rubber ducks for paintball themes at these parties. Sam wants to go back to Battle Park, in fact, for the day. 

While I won't miss the mess and the excitement of the baby stage, I do feel a twinge of nostalgia for all that we've lived throughout this decade of parenting. 

I still have first days of kindergarten ahead and a few birthday parties in between. 

There's a silver lining to almost anything. I found out practically every toy still lining store shelves in January goes on clearance. It's a good time for a birthday after all. 

Whenever yours fall, have fun celebrating this year.

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