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6 ways students benefit from online school

By Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy

by Audra Plummer

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The COVID-19 pandemic forced many families who had never considered at-home education to become familiar with online school. Now, with the health crisis mostly behind us, parents are looking at online school through a different filter as they consider taking greater control of their children’s education.

While each individual family has its own scenario that may suggest online school could be beneficial, there are some common advantages that might resonate with families seeking educational alternatives.

  1. Flexibility. With the ever-increasing need to juggle school, activities, athletics and family events, scheduling learning when most beneficial for an individual student is often cited as a key benefit to online school.
  2. Greater confidence. A student who is more involved and engaged in planning their educational path is likely to gain greater self-esteem as they work to see their plan to fruition.
  3. Support. Most parents lack the expertise and time to provide the quality of education students require. With the help of an online school’s trained professionals, families receive the guidance, assistance and support systems needed for students to excel.
  4. One-on-one options. Having access to state-certified teachers for supplementary instruction, along with parental access to lesson plans and notes, is key to delivering a personalized experience for students.
  5. Improved family dynamics. As parents assist their children with online schooling, there are opportunities to collaborate on lessons, planning, projects and scheduling that can open communication, encourage routines and engage the larger family in working toward common goals while nurturing relationships. Given many parents have some flexibility in working from home, the opportunity to have children participate in online school can be a natural component of family life.
  6. Improved mental health. Issues that are frequently observed in the typical school environment,

    such as anxiety and stress, are often reduced through online school. Students experience greater autonomy, which allows for better educational performance and reduced conflict.

No matter where you or your family are on your online schooling journey, our society’s new work-from-home — and learn-from-home — realities have made this educational option more accessible and convenient. And online school’s numerous benefits to both the individual student and their family make it a powerful alternative offering many advantages in the short term, with the promise of reaping big rewards for students in the long term.

Audra Plummer is the head of school at Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy, which has been operating for more than 20 years.

OVCA is a tuition-free public online charter school serving K-12 students in Oklahoma. The school provides wraparound support for children and families to ensure academic, social and emotional success.

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