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6 ideas for socially distant #okcfamilyfun

by Kirsten Holder

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I know I’m not the only mom who says (at least twice a day) we must get out of the house. I have a toddler. I have a job. We are trying to lock down our finances “just in case.” And we are all going crazy.

One of my friends recently commented, “I’m just not one of those ‘good-at-preschool’ moms. I’m not that creative. I’m not cut out to stay at home all day with my kids!” I’m not sure any of us are, no matter how many pipe-cleaner activities we successfully pull off from a Pinterest tutorial. We all have our strengths as moms, but raising children in isolation is likely not one of them — hence the (over-used) phrase, “It takes a village!” I now know it takes a village mostly because mom needs a break, but also because we all need a change of scenery.

In a quest to reverse our “I hate this house” TikTok moment, I was determined to find some low-cost, sunshine and fresh-air filled activities to make us feel part of a thriving civilization once again. Enjoy!


  1. Spring Creek Swim Beach at Arcadia. We were able to get to the beach early to miss the big crowds (and to accommodate nap time). Arriving about 10 a.m. is highly recommended to snag a place in the sand, avoid the super-hot rays of the afternoon and still have more than enough time to play, enjoy a snack and miss the rush by leaving before noon. There is a $7 entrance fee per car.
  2. Agape House Berry Farm. We were lucky to go at the beginning of the season before it was really hot, but this you-pick-it farm would be delightful any time. My little guy loves his fruit and was thrilled to find a little ripe treasure and eat it right then. Agape Farms offers strawberries, blackberries and raspberries that you can pick right off the bush, and they also sell honey and several other vegetable varieties.
  3. Scissortail Park. Yeah, parks are cool, but have you ever seen dump trucks at work?” -My toddler after walking around the entire park BY HIMSELF. The Omni Hotel construction is still going on just east of Scissortail, so it was a great place to stop and make a little boy’s dreams come true.
  4. Backyard Splash Pad. This activity wasn’t exactly out of the house, but it has provided hours of cheap entertainment and kept us all from melting in the rising summer temps.
  5. Myriad Gardens. We have made several trips to the Myriad Gardens while in quarantine. The ducks and fish will come right up to you looking for food, which sent my little dude into a fit of giggles and imitation “quacks” each time.
  6. Ducks at Lake Hefner. Located at the south point of Lake Hefner off Portland and 63rd is a green strip where the ducks and geese flock in big numbers. This area is fairly private, but is close to Stars and Stripes park. We didn’t feel quite comfortable using playground equipment just yet, but we will soon enough!


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