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4 Tips to Help Your Child Get a Good Night’s Sleep

by Natacha V. Beim

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Falling asleep is difficult for many toddlers and preschool children, which can be frustrating for exhausted parents, especially when techniques recommended by parenting experts either seem too cruel, too soft or simply ineffective.

Sometimes, sleep problems are created by things we do at home without realizing they will affect our child. Here are a few things to consider to ensure your child gets a good night sleep to establish a healthy sleep pattern:

  1. Create a calm environment. Children feed off the energy around them. Create calm with a warm bath, pajamas and some quiet time with a book or snuggle. Quiet his mind to prepare him for sleep.
  2. Learn his sleeping preferences. Does he wake up at night because he’s too hot or too cold? Is he afraid of the dark or does he prefer it to be pitch dark? Listen to his preferences to help him fall—and stay—asleep.
  3. Limit liquids. While it’s important to stay hydrated, limit liquids close to bedtime to prevent night time interruptions or accidents.
  4. Restrict screens. Research indicates that evening screen time leads to sleep problems, so make the videogames and television off-limits before bedtime. Children who are exposed to violence (through TV or videogames) are also shown to have sleep problems, so control what your young children are exposed to.

Natacha V. Beim (www.natachabeim.com) is a writer, speaker, teacher, parenting expert, and the founder o Core Education & Fine Arts Junior Kindergarten schools.

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