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25 Oklahoma Museums Great for Kids

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We all saw yesterday's unfortunate news of the 12-year-old Taiwanese boy accidently tripping in a museum and punching a fist-sized hole through a $1.5 million painting. And while the news probably made parents everywhere cringe (it could have happened to anyone!) it's no reason to keep your kids away from museum experiences. When looking for a museum to visit, parents can be apprehensive about taking rowdy kids to browse expensive pieces of history. 

But don't fear! Our Adventures in Homeschooling blogger Jennifer Geary has traveled the state to find the best museums that welcome kids with open arms. From exciting opportunities to discover science to quiet moments reflecting on centuries-old art, she rounded up these mom-approved options for Oklahoma families to explore together.

This list of Five Science Museums features everything from a museum specializing in bones and skeletons to one that's all about space and air travel. It's so important for kids to be exposed to science from an early age and and Jennifer explored all five of these excellent museums with both her kids so she could share with our readers the top discoveries her son and daughter made at these venues. One of our favorite local science museums for kids is Science Museum Oklahoma. Read what our Weekend Warrior blogger had to say about visiting this museum with her three boys.

Art is another great things to expose your little ones to and this list of Six Art Museums covers everything from modern pieces to ancient wonders. She traveled throughout the metro and beyond (even visiting a kid-friendly art museum in Arkansas!) to point readers to the best arts experiences for little ones. A local favorite for art is the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Get some tips for visiting this museum with kids from our Weekend Warrior blogger

There's no place kids are more embraced than at a children's museum and this list of Four Children's Museums in Oklahoma is a great place to start. Travel throughout the state to take your little ones to these kid-approved venues boasting fun for all ages. The best thing about these four featured museums is that kids will be learning without even realizing it. Interactive exhibits invite kids to learn through play and the always-changing venues excite through activities and special events. 

If you want to give your kids a look at the past, check out this list of 10 History Museums in Oklahoma that are sure to impress. The venues range from Native American heritage centers to a handful of museums along the historic Route 66 that reveal Oklahoma's history. Many of these impressive museums offer hands-on opportunities for your kids to explore a whole new side of history.  

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