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For over 16 years, local parents have looked to MetroFamily to provide them with the best local family resources and fun activity information in the Oklahoma City metro area. And they look to the editorial AND the advertisements in the magazine to help them do the best job with their number one priority—their children.

And now, advertisers can connect with our loyal and excited readers via our magazine, our award-winning website, Facebook, Twitter and our every Thursday e-newsletter (Weekend Picks) sent to over 11,400 subscribers.

Here's what our readers and advertisers say about MetroFamily:

"The ads we’ve placed with MetroFamily Magazine have created more responses than all of our previous advertising attempts combined. MetroFamily provides us with the perfect way to reach our target audience!"

  - Amy Russo
   PR/Marketing Director
   Lyric Theatre & Academy

"I love reading MetroFamily Magazine, not only for the articles but also for the advertisements. I consider it my family’s resource directory. I know if it is in MetroFamily then it is somewhere I would do business."

 - Kristy Milner, Edmond

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Reader Demographics

  • Over 75K monthly readers (35K circulation at over 500 drop locations)
  • 96% are between the ages of 25 and 54
  • 92% are women (and as many economic experts say, women control as much as 85% of the household purchases)
  • 91% have attended college (61% have degrees; 19% have graduate degrees)
  • Average income is over $89,000 per year. Our readers are 210% more likely than the average OKC area resident to have $100-$150K in household income and are 250% more likely to have $150K in household income.
  • Ages of our readers’ children:
    • Under age 5, 73%
    • Ages 5-12, 81%
    • Ages 13 and older, 35%
  • 87% are married
  • 91% have their children in after-school activities
  • 60% plan to send their children to summer camp
  • 74% would consider private school (31% have children in private school)
  • 86% are the primary shopper for themselves
  • 74% are the primary shopper for their children
  • 81% are the primary shopper for their home

MetroFamily readers do NOT read the following:

  • Daily newspaper (76% do NOT read)
  • City/regional magazine (88% do NOT read)
  • Weekly newspaper (91% do NOT read)
  • Other local parenting publication (97% do NOT read)

* Statistics from PPA Reader Survey, 2009 and CVC Audit, 2013.




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