Potty Talk


Automatic-flush toilets are ruining my life.

A bit overstated you think?

Well, as my nine-year-old son would be embarrassed for me to point out, those auto toilets have left him without the ability to flush a toilet.

Every lavatory at his school has the automatic ones (as do many of the locations we visit in the course of any given day), so the routine of flushing is gone the way of the television sans-remote.

This inability to manually operate the toilet has been a problem through the summer, and as we draw ever-near to the beginning of a new school year, he's finally getting the idea again, and I find myself only on the rare occasion having to call him to task. But pretty soon, he'll be back in the hallways of his school, returning once again to the land of the auto flushers.

And my bathrooms will once again be papered with post it notes demanding: "FLUSH THE TOILET!"

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