5 Fabulous Waterfall Hikes in Oklahoma

Photo by Lisha Newman

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Photo courtesy of Chickasaw National Recreation AreaCan waterfalls make you happy? Most people visit waterfalls because they are beautiful; but surprisingly, waterfalls have been shown to alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost energy. Waterfalls are an especially precious resource for little explorers. These water features are often surrounded by native plants and wildlife that all offer big adventure for families. 

In recent summers, Oklahoma’s drought has made for less-than-impressive water features. However, an extremely wet spring has changed all that. Bubbling brooks, breathtaking falls and lush landscapes abound this summer in Oklahoma. Here are five mom-approved waterfall hikes for your family to explore this summer. 

Before heading out on your adventure; consider a few things: 

  • Do you want to hike to or drive up to the waterfall?

There are options for both in Oklahoma and there are varying levels of difficulty for hikes as well. If you’re visiting a waterfall with the whole family, the difficulty level you decide to tackle will probably be based on the age of your children. We’ve noted the difficulty level on each of these highlighted falls to help you prepare. 

  • Do you want to swim?

Some of the parks allow swimming and some don’t. We’ve marked which destinations allow for swimming, but because waterfalls are natural features that change with the seasons, you’ll want to check with the staff at each water feature ahead of time if you plan to swim. 

  • What on-site amenities are available?

Some of the waterfalls are in rural areas so there may not be options for eating out close by. We’ve listed which waterfalls have family-friendly amenities on-site like picnic tables and restrooms so you’ll be able to identify how long you can explore an area before the kids get too hungry. 

Photo courtesy of the Chickasaw National Recreation Area

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