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SPONSORED: Girls, STEAM and Geekapalooza

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STEM, an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math, has been consistently increasing in popularity with both adults and children. However, there is a large gap between available jobs and qualified employees. Additionally, a disproportionate amount of STEM workers are men. In 2019, the US Census Bureau reported that only 27% of STEM workers are women, generating a huge push to get more girls involved in STEM fields. Girl Scouts of the USA has pledged to prepare 2.5 million girls for the STEM workforce pipeline by 2025. Girls participating in STEM programs become better problem-solvers, critical thinkers and inspirational leaders. They also earn better grades, bigger scholarships and follow more lucrative career paths. 

STEM in the Real World

STEM can be applied to many areas in everyday life from creating a recipe to designing a new building. It could be discovering how a phone works, managing finances, or exploring our natural world. Girl Scouts has a total of 142 STEM related badges for girls of all ages to earn, encouraging them to participate in STEM activities. These activities include coding, developing apps for your phone, designing and understanding cars, cybersecurity, learning about nature, and even creating a chance for Girl Scouts to explore STEM careers as young as 11 years old. In addition to aiding girls in general STEM exploration, Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma also offers girls a chance to dive deeper into specialty topics through our annual astronomy and geology events, Galaxy Night and Girl Scouts Rock.

Jobs in STEM

According to the US Census Bureau in 2021, STEM occupations account for nearly 7% of all US occupations. Another article by the US Census Bureau in 2019, explained that nearly 10.8 million workers make up the STEM field. These workers are essential to our lives. They design and build cars, create vaccines, and develop, set up and keep our WiFi working. STEM workers do a huge amount to keep our daily lives up and running.  In 2020, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that in Oklahoma City alone; nearly 6.3% or 38,230 employees are working in a STEM related field and in Oklahoma as a state; 5.2% or 81,190 people participate as a STEM employee. This occupation keeps growing bigger with an expected 8% increase in STEM employment opportunities between 2019 and 2029 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021.) Girl Scouts wants to expose more girls to STEM fields, supplement in-school learning, increase interest in STEM and increase confidence in girls’ STEM abilities so that more women fill the openings in STEM jobs. 

Geekapalooza, a STEAM Festival for kids

In 2013, STEM transitioned into STEAM to include art, so this year MetroFamily Magazine and Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma have teamed up again to host the 6th annual Geekapalooza: A STEAM Festival for kids (girls and boys.) The event will be held at Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma’s all new, urban STEM facility, Camp Trivera, on Saturday, November 5th, 2022, from 10am to 2pm. Geekapalooza provides kids with the opportunity to participate in so many hands-on STEAM activities right from leaders in the STEAM workforce.

Advanced ticket sales are closed, but you can still purchase them at the door for $10 per child and $5 per adult.

Click here for more information!

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