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To preserve the culture of our Native children, tribal foster homes are desperately needed in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. Many of our tribal children are placed in non-native homes when taken into state custody due to the lack of native foster families. Now more than ever, it is vital for tribal children to have initial placement in tribal foster homes. If you are an Oklahoma resident of native descent willing to open your heart and home to our children in out-of-home placements, please contact our office for an application packet. 
 As a foster parent, you will guide and support your foster child every day. You can help children and their families cope with the challenges that life brings. Foster care gives children a temporary home when their parents are not able to take care of them. In foster care, a child lives in a safe, stable home while the child’s family focuses on getting the assistance they need. The goal of our program is to return the child home safely. If that is not an option, a permanent home will be found. As an adoptive parent, you will be giving a child another chance in life with a permanent, loving home. Adopted children feel good about themselves by gaining the family life they deserve. Adoption gives children a stable, permanent home. Often foster parents choose to adopt their foster child when it is not possible for the child to return home. As a foster or adoptive parent, parents will receive special training in the child’s needs, and agency staff will offer support. Respite care is available to provide short-term care for foster children. FireLodge helps and supports foster and adoptive families in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. Call today to learn more!

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