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Mount St. Mary Catholic High School

2801 S Shartel Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK 73109



College preparatory, co-educational Catholic education with a diverse student body and a variety of clubs, organizations, fine arts and athletics. Shadow visits and tours available.

Grades 9th-12th.


Long-time principal Talita DeNegri shares about her educational philosophy, how the pandemic has changed the school and their new services for students with special needs through the Cornerstone Program.

What is your educational philosophy and how does that impact the students at MSM?

I believe all children can learn and that we, as educators, need to think outside the box to be innovative and inclusive. I know our students appreciate our teachers’ abilities to diversify their curriculum.

What has changed in education the most since you started? What are the current trends and where is education going?

The biggest change is technology and the vastness that it brings to the classroom. We can literally bring the outside world into the classroom and that is beautiful. The approach to mentoring our students is also ever changing. It is imperative to nurture students in systemic ways so they can truly learn why they should be servant leaders in our world.

How has the pandemic changed things at MSM?

The pandemic has made us more creative, more understanding and more compassionate to the needs of our students. We have seen the need to focus more on the emotional well-being of our students. As a community, we have leaned on each other more and been more patient. It has been beautiful to watch.

How do you engage parents/families in your students’ educations?

We utilize parent surveys and we provide weekly communication pieces to our parents. Our parents are equipped with academic tools to be involved in their students’ success.

What makes MSM stand out among all the education choices parents have?

Our mission, our values and the quality of our education provided to students are what sets us apart. We truly are a family, shaping young people who will lead with mercy in our world. Creating servant leaders has always been the heart of our mission since the Sisters of Mercy opened our great school in 1903 and it still is today! We also have great diversity in the education available to a student. We have a robust fine arts program, an award-winning robotics program, 21 AP classes, 20-plus competitive OSSAA sports teams, a variety of clubs and organizations and our most recent program, the Cornerstone Program. Last year, our graduating seniors earned over $6 million in college scholarships. Everyone can learn and be involved at MSM.

Tell us more about the Cornerstone Program.

This new, all-encompassing program at MSM embraces students with a wide range of special needs. We ascribe to the idea that ALL can learn and should be provided the opportunities of an inclusive high school experience! Every program embraces these students and our staff ensures these students are always learning.