2019 Family Favorites

Nominate the best in all things local: businesses, services, restaurants, schools, doctors, service providers, parks, museums and more!

Parents know best. Family Favorites, MetroFamily’s annual "best of” awards, rely completely on nominations and votes from our readers to determine the best family-friendly businesses in the Oklahoma City metro.  

Nominate your family's favorites in all-things local and you could win too. We're giving away a trip to the Gaylord Texan valued at more than $800!

Be eligible to win the Gaylord Texan stay by nominating in at least 15 subcategories.

Move over, big box stores. We're looking for locally-owned and significant to Oklahoma City and surrounding communities. Here are last year's winners.

Click here to tell us your family's favorites!

Here’s how Family Favorites works:

1) Nominations are accepted between March 22 and April 15 in each category. Nominate in at least 15 subcategories to be eligible for the Gaylord Texan stay.
2) The top three in each category are then voted on in the next round, April 23 through May 6. In the end, we’ll have one winner in each category and two honorable mentions. Any of the winners/honorable mentions will be able to publicize they are a “Family Favorite” with MetroFamily readers throughout the year!
3) Announcements about the Family Favorite winners will be made in The Everything Guide, our annual special issue published in July.  

We'll announce voting after the nominations wrap up on April 15! 

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