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About Weekend Warrior

Callie Collins lives and writes in north Oklahoma City. She and her husband have three sons, Sam (9), Isaac (4) and their youngest son Gabriel was born in January 2015. When Callie isn't working, you'll find her reading, exercising or out with her children at a local event.

About Thinking Differently

Thinking Differently: Family Life with Autism is a blog compiled by Oklahoma City parents of children with autism. Check back every other week for a new post to encourage you in your parenting journey.

About Thrive & Dime

Emery Clark is a musical stay-at-home mother to three boys aged 11, 7, and 5. When she's not leading or writing worship music with my husband of 13 years, she's trying to find creative ways to live a beautiful, budgeted life in Oklahoma. She enjoys local thrifting, design and fashion on a budget and writing honest, real snapshots of the day-to-day beauty & struggles of motherhood and beyond.
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MetroFamily's Kids Fest: Five reasons to have #okcfamilyfun with us

Find out what's happening at next Saturday's event!

The Oklahoma City Zoo: three reasons to go and three tips once you're there

Have you been to the Oklahoma City Zoo recently? Get three reasons to visit + three tips.

Spring Break in OKC: finding what works

Live in the moment during these last days of Spring Break. Whether you stay in or go out, enjoy the time together!

Women's work: the challenge of child care beyond daycare and making time for you

Can we just level for a minute here? Child care is expensive and sometimes kind of sketchy. Here are three ways to become a Weekend Warrior for yourself and step away by arranging care.

Out-of-town visitors: where to go and what to do with guests here in OKC

Where's your go-to spot to take out-of-town visitors? Find four unique Oklahoma places to visit here. #localOKC

Three ways to enjoy being with dogs in OKC — without actually owning one

Is your child begging for a dog? If you're not quite ready to make the commitment, see these three ways you can spend time with dogs without actually owning one.
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Bookshelf Arrangement: A Great Spring Spruce-Up!

The sun is out, the blooming things are all blooming, and I don’t know about your place, but my house could use some serious freshening up.

A Better Way to Budget

The freedom that comes from having a clear picture of what is coming in and going out of the bank account is well worth the effort, whatever form that may take for you and your family.

Our Budget Bathroom Makeover

When I need a room to drastically change in my house, I have a go-to solution: very dark paint!

Learning to Love Structure

Structure has always somehow stressed me out and made me feel… trapped.

Remembering the 'Why'

The feeling of being overwhelmed was just below the surface threatening to squeeze out through my tear ducts.

Repurposing a Formal Dining Room

If you’ve been kicking around the idea of a Dining Room-Volution yourself, I highly recommend it. Turn that unused space into an office, a library/reading nook, or a second living space just for the kids!
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Marching to the Beat

Just think of what the autism world would like if we put our number focus on the strengths of an individual, instead of focusing mostly on the challenges?

Asperger's? What?

She said, “He’s smart, and the smart ones are hard.”

Thinking Differently: A Holiday Edition

It was hard for me to give up trying to re-create the memories from my own childhood. But as I learned, I realized our best chance for success was to give my son a say in our plans.

I Should Have Seen It Coming

You know those stories you start hearing as you get older? The ones that made your cheeks turn a shade of crimson red that only a parent or significant other could truly appreciate.

Open Letter

So you were concerned that something was “not quite right” with your child, but hesitated to go forward with testing because you didn’t want your child to be “labeled.”

Everybody Has Something

Kids, especially teenagers, don’t want to stand out. They want to seamlessly float along, incognito among their peers. Like oatmeal. Or vanilla ice cream. Or tofu.