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About Weekend Warrior

Callie Collins lives and writes in north Oklahoma City. She and her husband have three sons, Sam (9), Isaac (4) and their youngest son Gabriel was born in January 2015. When Callie isn't working, you'll find her reading, exercising or out with her children at a local event.

About Thinking Differently

Thinking Differently: Family Life with Autism is a blog compiled by Oklahoma City parents of children with autism. Check back every other week for a new post to encourage you in your parenting journey.

About Thrive & Dime

Emery Clark is a musical stay-at-home mother to three boys aged 11, 7, and 5. When she's not leading or writing worship music with my husband of 13 years, she's trying to find creative ways to live a beautiful, budgeted life in Oklahoma. She enjoys local thrifting, design and fashion on a budget and writing honest, real snapshots of the day-to-day beauty & struggles of motherhood and beyond.
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Fall in Oklahoma City: three ways to make more family time

Slow down and create more family time with three strategies from our Weekend Warrior.

Fall fun at the Harn Homestead: five tips to plan your visit

Our Weekend Warrior shares her five tips to make the most of a visit to the Harn Homestead.

Eight can't-miss fall traditions

Fall boasts the perfect weather for outdoor family fun. I'm sad to say goodbye to summer, with its fun in the sun and ice cream cones, but there's plenty to look forward to already, with new activities headed our way.

One foot in front of the other: OKC family fun

Every passing moment is another chance to live what you say in your own community.

Onward and upward: Oklahoma City family fun

Every passing moment is another chance to set the example we want to as parents.

Oklahoma City family fun: an ordinary Thursday

Our days are anything but ordinary with so much to see and do. There's magic in every corner if you know how to see it; if you're forgotten, your child can point you in the right direction.
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Boxed-Up Belongings

There are only two types of people in this world: those who hate moving, and those who love it.

The Heart

There’s a creativity in living thrifty that really excites me.

Thrive & Dime - An Introduction

Two things I know for sure: I love a good bargain and I love living in this wonderful city.

About Thrive & Dime

Thrive & Dime is a blog to help you navigate thrifty lifting in the Oklahoma City metro.
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Open Letter

So you were concerned that something was “not quite right” with your child, but hesitated to go forward with testing because you didn’t want your child to be “labeled.”

Everybody Has Something

Kids, especially teenagers, don’t want to stand out. They want to seamlessly float along, incognito among their peers. Like oatmeal. Or vanilla ice cream. Or tofu.

The Start of The Journey

It doesn’t matter when you notice, but when you do it cannot be ignored. When you find yourself at that crossroad of “Typical” and “Unique,” there are a few suggestions I’d like to offer up to make your journey a little easier.