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About Weekend Warrior

Callie Collins lives and writes in north Oklahoma City. She and her husband have three sons, Sam (9), Isaac (4) and their youngest son Gabriel was born in January 2015. When Callie isn't working, you'll find her reading, exercising or out with her children at a local event.

About Thinking Differently

Thinking Differently: Family Life with Autism is a blog compiled by Oklahoma City parents of children with autism. Check back every other week for a new post to encourage you in your parenting journey.

About Thrive & Dime

Emery Clark is a musical stay-at-home mother to three boys aged 11, 7, and 5. When she's not leading or writing worship music with my husband of 13 years, she's trying to find creative ways to live a beautiful, budgeted life in Oklahoma. She enjoys local thrifting, design and fashion on a budget and writing honest, real snapshots of the day-to-day beauty & struggles of motherhood and beyond.
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Three tips to visit an Oklahoma City museum with kids

Learn in a different way this Fall Break with a visit to a local museum's new exhibition.

Art in OKC: Rock & Brews + Cloud City at Oklahoma Contemporary

Sometimes, art is just around the corner.

Paintball fun: three tips for an awesome Battle Park experience

Paintball is for everyone. Our Weekend Warrior was surprised how much fun she had. Find her three tips here!

October fun in Oklahoma: the Halloween count down

Halloween gives all something to look forward to each fall. There is fun to be had along with all the responsibilities we oversee, the holidays we plan, the foreheads we kiss goodnight rain or shine, year in and year out.

Fall in Oklahoma City: three ways to make more family time

Slow down and create more family time with three strategies from our Weekend Warrior.

Fall fun at the Harn Homestead: five tips to plan your visit

Our Weekend Warrior shares her five tips to make the most of a visit to the Harn Homestead.
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Eat Crow

Do you ever have those mornings where you wake up and open your eyes and you’re already mad at the world?

Living in the Gray

Suddenly I had EIGHT SOLID HOURS of FREE TIME to do other things besides making snacks and teaching a boy how to function as a member of society.

The City Life Season.

It’s good for me to stop and remember that life really is a flexible, swirly road map rather than a rigid marching line from point A to point B.

15 Tips for Thrifting Like a Pro

15 Tips for How to Thrift Like a Pro!

Boxed-Up Belongings

There are only two types of people in this world: those who hate moving, and those who love it.

The Heart

There’s a creativity in living thrifty that really excites me.
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Pulling the Chute

Those on the spectrum are easily overwhelmed, overstimulated, over it. This swell of emotion can take on many forms and are as individualized as those feeling it.

Open Letter

So you were concerned that something was “not quite right” with your child, but hesitated to go forward with testing because you didn’t want your child to be “labeled.”

Everybody Has Something

Kids, especially teenagers, don’t want to stand out. They want to seamlessly float along, incognito among their peers. Like oatmeal. Or vanilla ice cream. Or tofu.

The Start of The Journey

It doesn’t matter when you notice, but when you do it cannot be ignored. When you find yourself at that crossroad of “Typical” and “Unique,” there are a few suggestions I’d like to offer up to make your journey a little easier.