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The Well-Tailored Gown of Motherhood

It took me a good long while to reach a place where I could confidently say that having kids was one of the best things that had ever happened to me.

Better Than A Day Spa

What if I told you I got to go somewhere in town and kick my feet up for two hours in a comfy reclining chair while reading, watching TV, being offered blankets, free wi-fi, and movies to watch, while also being brought whatever snack foods or drinks my heart desired?

Preparing for Tornado Season

​It’s storm season here in Oklahoma, and it’s time to have everything prepared for your tornado safety plan!

Bookshelf Arrangement: A Great Spring Spruce-Up!

The sun is out, the blooming things are all blooming, and I don’t know about your place, but my house could use some serious freshening up.

A Better Way to Budget

The freedom that comes from having a clear picture of what is coming in and going out of the bank account is well worth the effort, whatever form that may take for you and your family.

Our Budget Bathroom Makeover

When I need a room to drastically change in my house, I have a go-to solution: very dark paint!

Learning to Love Structure

Structure has always somehow stressed me out and made me feel… trapped.

Remembering the 'Why'

The feeling of being overwhelmed was just below the surface threatening to squeeze out through my tear ducts.

Repurposing a Formal Dining Room

If you’ve been kicking around the idea of a Dining Room-Volution yourself, I highly recommend it. Turn that unused space into an office, a library/reading nook, or a second living space just for the kids!

A Shop with Heart: The Shidler-Wheeler Community Thrift Store

Faithworks of the Inner City built its community center building across from Shidler Elementary School in 2009 and it has quickly become a beloved gathering place, a home of sorts, for some 200-plus families in the Shidler-Wheeler neighborhood.
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