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Mom Humor: Never-Ending Summer Wishes

I know some people might argue that making a summer to-do list two months in advance is wishing my life away. Maybe so.

Mom Humor: When Spring Cleaning Leads to More

The weather has been nothing short of glorious, and you know what that means, right? That means we have been busy with spring cleaning. And by “we,” I actually do mean everyone in our family.

Mom Humor: Where'd They Come From?

Friends, I need your help. I’ve got quite a conundrum and I cannot come up with a likely explanation. Help me, won’t you? Let me begin with a little bit of history.

Mom Humor: Evolution of the Date Night

Take it from me: The romance doesn’t have to stop just because you have a ring on your finger.

Mom Humor: I Resolve

Last year, my friend Emily and I resolved together that we’d wake an hour earlier than we normally do and do our daily devotions and work out.

Mom Humor: Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

As soon as the turkey-ingested tryptophan wears off and the Thanksgiving nap has been had, we begin digging out the Christmas decorations.

Mom Humor: That Which Doesn't Match

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Growing up, we’d go to Dallas to be with my dad’s brother and his family.

Mom Humor: Pumpkin Spice Insanity

My friend Nicole sent me a screenshot of an ad for pumpkin spice cereal. Now, I don’t eat cereal. I haven’t eaten cereal since I discovered the quarter-cup of sugar I mixed in with the two drops of milk to coat the cereal wasn’t exactly the best choice for a healthy breakfast.

My Family's Dirty Laundry

From the moment our children are born, we begin to teach them independence.

Mom Humor: Constant Countdown

Since my husband and I are both middle school teachers, and both of our girls are still of school age, back-to-school is a big deal.
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