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National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum's Chuck Wagon Festival: four reasons to attend this Memorial Day Weekend

Family memories are at the heart of the holiday, after all, of more than one kind. The Chuck Wagon Festival is an excellent way to start your summer. It definitely ranks as one of my favorite events of the year with stand-out summer fun!

School's out for the summer: three lists you need + three bucket list items you'll want to attend

If you don't have summer plans yet, you're really starting to realize the immediacy of those needs; I know I feel the pressing nature of the impending transition here as we go from a daily routine that's timed and predictable to a really odd schedule. The sun is shining, we've turned on the air conditioning for the first time and this really might be the beginning of summer.

We, the mothers: why this Sunday matters and what we're really asking

We, the mothers, are the women who worry in the dark. We wipe and Google and take the temperature and make the decision. We fold the laundry and cook the meals and bear all the invisible workload that isn't paid or Instagrammable, as the keepers of schedules, shopping lists and meal plans. Sometimes when I scan a room, I think every woman in there could tell me the current status of what's in her dryer, how much milk is in her fridge and what theme days her kids have to dress for this week. It's exhausting on even the best of days.

Three don't-miss-it events this month + three go-to sanity savers when you're already too busy

That fear of missing out, the #fomo, coupled with a sense of what brings quality of life, is what keeps me pushing forward. I don't want to just go through the motions, get through the day, check all the boxes. I want to thrive and help my children flourish too.

Art and sunshine this weekend: Three tips to plan your visit to RexFest in downtown Oklahoma City

Support the arts in our community and in our public schools by visiting the Festival of the Arts and RexFest! Get three tips to visit the Albesila Luminarium set up at Walker and Sheridan Avenues in downtown Oklahoma City.

Five things coming up after Easter: plan with me

Staying on your A game this time of year takes some doing and May goes even faster, with graduations and year's end ceremonies. Scrambling at the last minute doesn't work for my household. There's nothing fun about last-minute trips to the store and night-before craft projects and before you know it, you're hot-gluing caterpillar antennae onto clothes pins at 2 a.m. with a mug of cold coffee and your own tears.

One more rainy weekend: four free indoor activities before good weather starts again

Spring is here but this weekend's forecast calls for rain and storms. Tomorrow's rain won't let us be outside again and a lot of activities in our community have already canceled. Find four fun things to do that are free and weather-appropriate.

The big four: where to find Easter events, summer camps, doctor visits you need and swimming lessons this spring in Oklahoma City

The weeks after Spring Break are a downhill slide into summer. Find Easter fun, summer camps, all the best in local services and swimming lessons!

Kids Fest is next Saturday, April 6! Three reasons to attend + four reasons to pre-register

Find out about prizes and everything happening at this year's event!

Spring is here: Baby turns 1 and we're headed out to festivals + six board books we love

Our Weekend Warrior's baby is turning 1 and they're headed out to two spring events this weekend. Find out what's up and which six books will help celebrate the big day.
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