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7 steps to get your family’s photos and videos under control

Do you have thousands of photos of your kids filling up your computer photo program? These simple steps can help you get started on keeping your treasured images safe and searchable.

When Valentine's Day Isn't All Hearts & Flowers...

Although the reality of Valentine’s Day is sometimes less fun than anticipated, there are important ways that you can help your child manage her expectations as well cope with any unavoidable disappointment. In fact, Valentine’s Day will likely not be the only disappointment that your child experiences in her life, so this is an opportunity to teach her important skills that she can use at other times.

New Years Resolutions for Your Relationship

According to Dr. Greg Smalley, good relationships and marriages don’t happen by accident. Here are three things you can do to strengthen your relationship in the new year.

Inclusion is Better than Exclusion

If you are willing to admit…even just to yourself…that you are more likely to tell your child how to behave towards others, than to actually do it, the following holiday tips are for you!

Giving Back this Holiday Season

Three ways your family can embrace the holiday spirit.

A Teachable Moment: Boredom Busters

The stretch of time bookended by the excitement of the new school year, and the start of the holidays, can feel long and boring for many kids—even though it is only a few weeks.Below are three ways to help your child learn to manage well when confronted with situations or times that aren’t terribly exciting.

A Teachable Moment: You’re My BFF

As your child settles into the new school year, she will likely begin to meet new kids—those that weren’t in her class prior years. Before you know it, she will be talking about her ‘best friend’—someone that she’s known for only a month or two. How is it possible, you wonder, that a child could have such a close friendship so quickly…and is it even real?

Trick or Treat…or Maybe Just a Treat!

So, how can Halloween help us teach kids to appreciate what they do get, to tolerate not always getting exactly what they want, and, especially, to not become angry or vindictive with someone for not giving them what they want? I have four ideas that you can try this Halloween…and keep using them all year long!

Everything in Moderation

As parents, it can sometimes be difficult to know when to say ‘yes’ to junk food and when to say ‘no’. This is because we want our kids to be healthy, but we don’t want them to feel so deprived that they sneak junk food to eat secretly. So…how do you figure out the right balance?

A Teachable Moment—Fathers Have Feelings, Too!

This Father’s Day, I strongly encourage you to help your child’s dad to see that his relationship with his child is so much more than he might imagine. Here area few ways to make this Father’s Day just a little more special for dads and kids.
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