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Where Are They Now? Our July 2011 Cover Models

Amidst changes, Dolores’ resilience, work ethic and absolute joy in being a mom are just as palpable as they were seven years ago, and she continues to serve special needs children both in the classroom and at home.

SPONSORED: Girls, STEM and Geekapalooza

MetroFamily Magazine and Girl Scouts have teamed up to host the second annual Geekapalooza: A STEAM Festival for Kids (girls and boys).

Selman Bat Watch Registration Opens Soon

Each summer, hundreds of thousands of Mexican free-tailed bats pour from the Selman Bat Cave to feed. Registration opens May 29!

Recognizing Hearing Loss in Kids

May is Better Hearing Month, so there's never been a better time to get educated on what hearing loss looks like in infants and children.

Saving for College: 4 tips from a local dad & financial expert

As a wealth advisor, I work with dozens of clients every year to create plans that will one day fund their children’s education. As a father to four boys myself, I know the weight the responsibility of paying for college carries.

#OklahomaTeacherWalkout: Perspective from a Kid

"Most talk around my house these days is whether my kids will have school tomorrow or not," Cuomo said. "I am sure my family is not unique in the state of Oklahoma."

SPONSORED: Is Your Child Getting the Right Education?

Schooling options have changed significantly over the last decade, giving parents more input in decision-making and giving them a choice.

SPONSORED: Don't Give up on Your Furry Family Member

I was able to totally overlook the incessant, yippy barking for years. But once I had a napping baby at the house, the problem moved right up to the top of my priority list.

Thrive & Dime: Spring Chalk Fun

This month’s activity is a perfect way to get outside and use things we already have in fun new ways.

Top Resources for Oklahoma Teacher Walkout

Here are some great resources to help keep kids engaged and taken care of during a teacher strike.
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