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OKC Dad Connection

January 2011


Shaking the Rattle

At that moment, I realized something. I realized that even today, as my children are 7, 9 and 12, that far too often, I’m still shaking the rattle for them. Now, the form of the rattle has changed.

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Show Them Social

Let your age appropriate kids go with you when and where you go. Look for those opportunities to show them social skills. Let’s face it. Either you’ll teach them or they’ll learn from someone out of your control.You be the one.

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Date Your Daughters

The hope is that your daddy/daughter dates became a highlight of your relationship with your daughter(s) and when the time comes for them to choose a man, they will choose nothing less than the example you have set for them.

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Let 'Em Lose

In the midst of competition, our passion often overcomes us and “if you’re not first, you're last” becomes our battle cry or at least, that’s what our actions say. What is often lost is what can be learned from loss.

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Crash the Comfort Zone

My lesson to my daughter? Crash the comfort zone. Far too often, in my opinion, kids are coddled and caressed to the extent they never face their fears.

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Prepare them while they are still within your reach and influence. Someday, it won’t be you asking the questions.

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The Necessity of No

When I’m faced with fear, I simply remind myself that my job is to get my son ready for the real world that he will face as an older child and adult.

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Encourage Your Children Often


Encourage Your Children Often

What if I told you I had discovered a tool that can be used to make a noticeable, significant and positive change in your children. Would you want the web address where you could order it? Would you ask me how much it cost? Would you care?

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Eric Urbach experiences fatherhood from a variety of perspectives. He is the father of three, ages 11, 8 and 6, sharing joint custody with their mother, and stepfather of two, ages 18 and 14. A practicing lawyer and active in the community, he lives with his family in Edmond, Oklahoma.

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