30 Day Mom Challenge Day 2

30 Day Mom Challenge Day 2—Go the whole day without yelling at your children.

Sounds easy, right? I mean, I don't berate my children or verbally abuse them, so this should be a piece of cake. Or is it? True confession time: this was not easy. I'm a yeller by nature! It's not degrading or berating, but it's yelling. We're a loud people in my home. We yell down the hall to call the kids for dinner; we yell across the room to ask a question. So can I really remove yelling from the home for a full day?

It's a tough challenge and right off the bat in the morning I have to resist yelling across the house while I'm getting ready for work and the kids are supposed to be making their beds. Instead, they are laughing and joking around at the kitchen table. Their breakfast dishes should be in the sink and neither should be in the kitchen, which was discussed before I left the room. While I love their camaraderie (and their sense of humor!), I do not love it when they so easily forget their tasks as soon as I leave the room.

Clearly, this no yelling thing is going to take a lot of time to master!

Did you try this challenge? How did it work for you?


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