Why I'm Glad I Quit Diet Soda

So, the other day we’re having our typical “day before we go grocery shopping” lunch of random food. I had some pretzel snaps with dip (don’t judge) and offered one to my 9 year old.

He took the pretzel from me and considered the way the dip swooped on the end of it like a fluffy pompadour hairdo. “The dip looks like hair, mom.”

“Yes, it kind of does,” I said.

“This pretzel has Elvis hair, mom.”

“Yes, it kind of does,” I said.

“This is ‘Elvis Pretzely,” said Spencer.

And it was at this point that the water came out of my nose and I was very thankful that I quit the diet soda (which is much more painful when expelled from the nasal cavity).

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Hi! I’m Mari Farthing and I’m a mother, wife and freelance writer and editor living in Moore. Originally from Wisconsin and formerly the editor of MetroFamily, my husband Tony and I made our home in Oklahoma via orders from the USAF after spending years living in Germany and Washington DC. When Tony retired from active duty in 2011, we became official “Oklahomies.” I’m a former multitasker and current work-at-home mom, which sometimes is an exercise in futility. I am interested in books, music, knitting, running, cooking, laughing and writing and occasionally I get bored and add a few more interests to fill up the final 15 minutes of my day.

I sometimes succeed, sometimes fail, and consistently rewrite the to-do list that manages my day.

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