July 2011

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Tough Life Lessons

It can be difficult to parent children these days, when we see these horrible stories on the news, stories of people who are making selfish, harmful choices. It can be hard to stay positive.


I See Grumpy People.

My house is overflowing with them. And I’m one of them. But I rediscovered my most effective weapon to use against grumpiness: date night.

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Mommy's Little Princess?

That's what princesses do, right? They get themselves into all kinds of precarious situations and then require rescuing. Because they can't do it for themselves. I'm not sure I like where this is going...

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You know, we have a pretty, new website. I was looking forward to posting my personal thoughts about my parenting escapades here on this pretty site, but then I got a hitch in my giddyup when my dad died.


Loss for Words

How do you say goodbye for the last time when you've been facing the possibility for so long?


Too Smart for Her Own Good

A car drive and some Spanish counting make for a humorous revelation from Mari's youngest.


Goodbye is the Hardest

This has been a weekend of high highs and low lows....Nothing will return you to your childhood as fast as bearing witness to a parent in need.


Why I'm Glad I Quit Diet Soda

Blogger mom and MetroFamily editor Mari Farthing provides a fun story about what pretzels have to do with Elvis.

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Sleep (or Lack Thereof)

We're at the special time in parenting where the babies sleep through the night from sundown to sunrise (hopefully a bit later).



I feel that my job as a parent is to help my kids to become the best people they can be—and they have to make mistakes to get there. And learning at an early age to own mistakes is a step in the right direction.


That’s the problem with bullying. We get angry and want to fight back against bullies, but in my experience, kids bully others because they are bullied.

Real Life...or Virtual Reality

I’ve noticed that there is a very real backlash to the virtual life we live via social media—these moments of happiness seem to blend together into a big, charmed reality. But we have to remember that it’s a false reality. Remember that for every deliriously happy post that you read out there, there are likely at least twice that many negative moments that aren’t posted.

The Giving Tree

I love reading about books and talking about books and writing about books. But I have a confession to make: I do not like the beloved classic The Giving Tree.

Too Real for Reality TV

You’ve seen them, haven’t you? Those TV shows starring the wife and/or mothers who live fabulous lives in various cities? They call it reality TV, but It looks nothing like the reality I know.


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About This Blog

Hi! I’m Mari Farthing and I’m a mother, wife and freelance writer and editor living in Moore. Originally from Wisconsin and formerly the editor of MetroFamily, my husband Tony and I made our home in Oklahoma via orders from the USAF after spending years living in Germany and Washington DC. When Tony retired from active duty in 2011, we became official “Oklahomies.” I’m a former multitasker and current work-at-home mom, which sometimes is an exercise in futility. I am interested in books, music, knitting, running, cooking, laughing and writing and occasionally I get bored and add a few more interests to fill up the final 15 minutes of my day.

I sometimes succeed, sometimes fail, and consistently rewrite the to-do list that manages my day.

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