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Secrets of the Frugal Moms

July 2011


Don’t overlook your library for frugal activities!

Over the past few weeks I have been looking for activities that my children can do that do not involve being outside. While I know it is wonderful to get sunshine it is just too hot to be outside for any length of time. So, we headed to our local library and found many fun things while we were there.

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Frugal Christmas Presents

I know it is not even July yet, but think about it….you have to keep the kids busy this summer so why not think ahead and prepare some homemade Christmas presents now!

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How to Save on Clothes


How to Save on Clothes

I was able to save a good bit of money on my children’s back-to-school and winter clothing over the past few weeks using coupons.

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How to Keep Your Stockpile Working for You

Once you have a stockpile going, it can actually cost you money if you are not careful.

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How to Get Coupons for Organic or Natural Foods

I hear many people say that they do not coupon since coupons are only for overly processed foods or junk foods. I disagree. There are natural food coupons out there; you just have to look for them a little bit harder.

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Things to Think About BEFORE You Start a Stockpile

Many people have started couponing recently due to an increased awareness of the money it can save. While there is talk about having a stockpile and people talk about how it saves them money, many never talk about the things you should think about first.

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How to Get Children Interested in Couponing:

I know many people that read this blog have children so I decided to give some tips on how to get your children on board with couponing. I have always been upfront regarding money with my children and I have tried to teach them to budget at an early age

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Talking with Children after a National Disaster

This week, we celebrated National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day! Lately there have been a lot of natural and unnatural disasters in the news and I am sure that many children are hearing about them.

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Frugal Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up and, if your children are anything like mine, they have already spent their allowance on items for themselves.  Rather than them running to the local dollar store, here are some frugal gift ideas your children can use to surprise you on Mother’s Day.  (I recommend copying or printing this article and highlighting what you like!) GOOD BEHAVIOR—I know I would like  one day where there is no fighting or arguing between my children.  It does not matter who touched who or who ate the last cookie.  For one day, figure it out for yourself and do not make me be a referee.TELEVISION— It is Mother’s Day, can I pick what we watch on television?  I would love to cuddle on the couch and watch TV...

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Low Cost Medical Care and Health Insurance

One of the most expensive things that we pay for every month is insurance. Health and dental insurance is very expensive, making it hard to find the money in your budget to pay for coverage when you live almost paycheck to paycheck.

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Frugal Easter Crafts

Easter is coming up and it is time to get crafty with the kids again. My children love to make crafts, but my husband hates clutter so I try and make crafts out of everyday things we have around the house.

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How old are YOUR spices?

Some people do “spring cleaning” of their houses and clothing, but many people ignore their cabinets in the kitchen. Do you know how long spices are good for?

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8 Ways to be Smart with Your Tax Refund

Eight ways you can make your refund work for you—and you can have more money in your pocket all year!

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Save that Food!

Do you sometimes find vegetables and fruit a couple of days before they go bad? You don't have to trash them—here are some simple solutions to save this produce.

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Free Ways to File Your Taxes that are IRS Approved!

It is tax time now and there are many places that will let you file or help you prepare your taxes for free. It is not required that you pay someone to do the taxes. And, if you file early, you could get your refund quickly.

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Have you had THE TALK with your parents?

Five things to discuss with your aging parents to help keep their estate out of probate.

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Thinking of college? It's time to do the FAFSA!

Have you ever considered going to college, but thought you could not afford it? Think again! Fill out the FAFSA for FREE and contact the school of your choice.

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Keep Those Receipts

The purpose of this week's blog is to remind you to make sure you save your receipts.

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