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Secrets of the Frugal Moms


Update Your Fall Wardrobe on a Tight Budget

Fall is almost here and it is time to start thinking about warmer weather clothes. If you are like me and like to have nice things and not spend a large amount of money, why not check out the Suited for Success clothing sale?

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Is your Freezer Ready for Winter?

Fresh fruit and vegetables are less expensive in the summer and fall, so I like to buy the vegetables at the lowest prices and then freeze them for winter. By freezing the fresh vegetables I am better able to control what my family eats.

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The Importance of a Stockpile

Take a minute and think about what your family goes through on a daily basis. Do you keep enough of each item in your house to keep your family in those items if a natural disaster would happen? If you could not make it to the store for a week would you be able to survive on what is in your house right now?

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Is It Really a Sale?

Sometimes it is hard to figure out if an item is REALLY and truly on sale or if the store or website just want you to THINK it is on sale. I wanted to share some tips and tricks to help you figure out if an item is really on sale or not.

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Frugal Ways to Help Your School

For many, school is back in session and it is time to keep track of the various things your school may collect, including Box Tops for Education and Labels for Education.

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Affordable Food—It's in the Box!

Have you never really gotten the hang of couponing? Or, are you looking for ways to supplement your couponing with affordable food? There are a few places from which you can order pre-selected boxes of food at discounted prices and they are open to anyone!

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GoGreen Diapers—A Frugal Option for Cloth Diapering Families (Part 2)


GoGreen Diapers—A Frugal Option for Cloth Diapering Families (Part 2)

Calendar Editor Sara shares more about how cloth diapering helps save money for her family, as well as her discovery of cloth training pants for her older child.

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GoGreen Diapers—A Frugal Option for Cloth Diapering Families


GoGreen Diapers—A Frugal Option for Cloth Diapering Families

I loved being able to reuse the diapers instead of throwing them away. I loved having fabric and natural fibers next to my baby’s skin instead of plastic and chemicals. Most of all, I loved the money that I was going to save not having to buy diapers ever again since the one-size diapers adjust to fit birth to potty training

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Don’t overlook your library for frugal activities!

Over the past few weeks I have been looking for activities that my children can do that do not involve being outside. While I know it is wonderful to get sunshine it is just too hot to be outside for any length of time. So, we headed to our local library and found many fun things while we were there.

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Frugal Christmas Presents

I know it is not even July yet, but think about it….you have to keep the kids busy this summer so why not think ahead and prepare some homemade Christmas presents now!

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