Inclusive OKC: Variety Care at OSU-OKC

Not all special needs families live with the same challenges, diagnoses or obstacles. What they do have in common is the need for a quality medical team. The team may ebb and flow over the years depending on the need, but it’s imperative each member of the team is understanding of their captain, The Child.

Sara Jacoby’s daughter, Maggie, has two very rare chromosomal duplications: 15q13.3, and Xq28. There are therapists and specialists on board, but like any other child, Maggie has a family doctor, Dr. Nicole Hickson at OSU-OKC Variety Care, a doctor Sara is forever grateful for.

“Her and her staff are just incredible!” said Jacoby. Dr. Hickson channels her inner Doc McStuffins and takes the vitals of stuffed animals before her real patients. She understands Maggie’s sensory aversions regarding her hands, and makes sure not to touch them. Most importantly, Sara said, “she listens. She says ‘I’m not sure’ often and researches on her own time. It’s so nice not to have to worry about a clinical experience with Maggie!”

There are 14 Variety Care locations across the OKC Metro. The OSU-OKC clinic is located at 440 N. Portland Avenue, Ste. 1000 in Oklahoma City. 

Miranda Steffen is part of a blended family with four sons ranging from preschooler to young adult. She enjoys exploring the OKC metro while creating adventures and memories with her crew. Miranda has a background in early education and a passion for autism and advocacy. She enjoys a good book, a great bargain, writing and hiking. If you have an idea for a business Miranda should feature on Inclusive OKC, email her


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